The World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates

Our Summit is the most inspirational and largest annual event in the field of peacemaking.

It aggregates panel discussions among Nobel Peace Laureates and representatives of the leading international organisations, media, business and government in open forums.

It provides the opportunity for group and individual meetings with high-profile leaders from around the globe.

It has dedicated Student workshops organised in collaboration with international organisations and Nobel Peace Laureates.

We share our networking of international and national students groups and young social activists, international delegations, elected officials and businessmen from around the world, promoting a unique discussion environment.

Main Themes

We focus on a wide range of themes, including:
• Nonviolence and no wars;
• Social and economic justice;
• The Rule of Law;
• Environment and sustainable development


The history of the annual World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates dates back to 1999, the year marking the first Summit held in Rome at the initiative of the Gorbachev Foundation, an international NGO founded by the former leader of the USSR. Since then, the Summits have gained importance as a venue for exchanging opinions and as an event promoting international peace campaigns and initiatives, as well as developing concrete proposals to tackle the planet’s emergencies for a world without violence.

Each year the Summits are attended by Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and prominent global figures, who are active in the social, scientific, political and cultural arenas.

Extreme poverty experienced by a portion of the global population, problems with managing water resources, the role of ethics in politics and economic undertakings, cross-cultural integration of people – these are only a few examples of the topics debated during the Summits.

Return Value

For students

• Inspiration for peaceful and humanitarian thinking;
• Practical tools and first-hand experience from the Nobel Pace Laureates and the people who made history in peacemaking;
• Networking and access to activities and projects in social field;
• Unique opportunity to find financial support from the Summit’s sponsors to promote students’ initiatives and social projects;
• Access to the Summit’s video archives and documents for educational purposes;
• Reading a living book of history – direct access to the historical figures for educational purposes.

For local citizens

• Unique opportunities for major networking worldwide;
• Enhance successful careers in social areas;
• Contact and share practical experience and proposals to create a better life in the community;
• Access to archives and other important documents produced by Nobel Peace Laureates;
• Direct access to the world history and activities of Nobel Peace Laureates;
• Opportunity to build and sustain a peaceful vision of the world.

For Nobel Peace Laureates

• The only platform that gathers the Nobel Peace Laureates from various fields;
• Unique networking with youth, citizens, governments and business at one event;
• A suitable environment for promoting their legacy;
• Wide access to the public and media;
• Access and participation in the discussion club during the Summit;
• Promoting educational programmes of their foundations and organisations;
• Opportunity to come up with specific proposals related to various problems.

For sponsors, donors and the business community

• We work together in order to establish the adequate return value tailored to each ones core values;
• We integrate their message into the Summit messages and into our goals;
• We encourage them to be part of the social initiatives presented by students coming from all walks of life and from different parts of the world;
• We help them to make our world a better place through sustainable solutions;
• We share with them our network and social platform;
• We go beyond standard sponsorships and create unique opportunities for our sponsors to interact in one of the fields that form our goals.

The Peace Prize has been awarded to 134 Nobel Laureates since 1901.

“The said interest shall be divided into five equal parts, which shall be apportioned as follows: /- – -/ one part to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.”

 (Excerpt from the will of Alfred Nobel)

Direct Impact

• Effective presence of up to 25 Nobel Peace Laureates;
• Up to 700 delegates from different parts of the world;
• Media Coverage from up to 272 accredited journalists;
• Presence of numerous international organisations;
• Participation of up to 9 000 high school and university students.

Where will the next World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates be held?