A special project

For ambitious young journalists or social media influencers who care about global peace


We created this project to give students first-hand, real world experience in journalism and social media marketing for a good cause. We believe that every member of the YJC plays a valuable role in promoting the many inspiring messages of the Nobel Peace Laureates, ultimately making our word a better place for all.




To apply for the YJC Program, students should have an educational or professional background in one of the following areas of expertise: journalism, press services, social media.
Among must-have credentials are strong English language skills (spoken and written), proven professional experience; any additional language is an advantage.
Participating youth take part in communication activities of the Permanent Secretariat on a volunteer basis and can be provided with a certificate and a reference at the conclusion of the program.



Writing articles and text materials about peace-making;
creating content for social media;
translating texts into other languages;
Being engaged in the work of the press office throughout the year;

Stories which rise to the top will be published on the website and Facebook page of the Permanent Secretariat. 


The best performing Young Journalist will be awarded with a trip to the next Summit, including travel expenses and accommodation, a Press Pass at the event, and a one-to-one ten min interview with a Laureate or Nobel-Prize Awarded Organization. 

Other top-performing students will be granted membership credentials for the YJC at the Summit, with a Press Pass, and will have a group interview for fifteen minutes with a Nobel Peace Laureate or Organization.


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