Message from the President

"We hope you will come to our next Summit and support our contribution to a better world"


“For almost two decades the Secretariat has had the privilege of serving to amplify the inspiring messages of the Nobel Peace Laureates and Laureate Organizations. The leaders and citizens of Rome, Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, Barcelona, Hiroshima and Chicago have hosted Summits with open arms and hearts.

We consider it an honor to work with the Laureates, people who have overcome enormous challenges and speak with authority on the pursuit of peace and nonviolence. Summits have produced powerful substantive statements addressing a wide range of issues, such as, protecting human rights, ensuring a healthy environment, ending war and poverty, eliminating nuclear weapons, and providing a vision for a sustainable peaceful future.

The Secretariat has worked with a small dedicated staff and relied with gratitude on the extraordinary volunteer efforts of many highly accomplished people. Our current staff ranges in age from under 30 to over 70, comes from all over the globe, and brings skills from the professions of law, education, diplomacy, business, and the arts. We share a passion for peace and although we speak over ten languages, our efforts harmonize in our work to achieve a world where there is peace between peoples, nations and nature. We hope you will come to our next Summit and support our contribution to a better world.”

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