The World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates

Considered the most inspirational and largest annual event in the field of peacemaking


The program aims to facilitate panel discussions among Nobel Peace Laureates and representatives of leading international organizations, media, business, and government.



The Summit takes place over approximately three days, during which time the Nobel Peace Laureates engage in discussions on a wide range of themes, such as:


Nonviolence and no wars

Social and Economic justice

The Rule of Law

Environment and sustainable development

UN Sustainable Development Goals


The World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates promotes a unique environment for discussion, which takes into account the diverse perspectives of Laureates and other leaders who might have dealt with similar challenges in their own countries. From helping to end civil wars through peaceful solutions, or mobilizing communities to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit through social business, the Laureates bring a unique external perspective to any national dialogue.

With such a high concentration of high-profile individuals in one city, we aim to provide opportunities for group and/or individual private meetings with the laureates.

Further, through the Leading by Example program, the World Summit engages university students and young professionals in a series of educational workshops, often led by the Laureates and organizational leaders themselves.

Lastly, the World Summit aims to attract a unique celebrity who has ‘given the most’ to the cause of humanity, as they are recognized for their noble efforts through the Peace Summit Award. Past recipients include Bono, Sean Penn, Sharon Stone, George Clooney, Don Cheadle, Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox, Cat Stevens, and Sir Richard Branson.


The Summits have been hosted in cities throughout the world in partnership with local governments, state agencies, businesses, and civil society. Almost all living Nobel Peace Laureates have participated at the Summits.

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