Linda Garzón

Logistics Manager

A Bogotana/ Colombiana in her heart and soul, Linda moved to Mexico at the beginning of 2019, after having worked more than 2 900 days for a City that touched her deeply with its rhythm of rock, jazz, salsa, graffiti, coffee and bicycle-riding: Bogotá.

In Bogotá, aside from the wondrous moments she experienced, she discovered the true power of the events industry. Linda worked as part of the host team of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in 2017: she discovered the power of being agents of change, in order to contribute to a higher purpose, to build a better world. Yes… although it may sound romantic, that is what moves her heart (aside from eating a Red Velvet cake).

Linda likes falling in love with the unexpected and discovering beauty where many are unable to see it. This is perhaps the reason that Mexico City brings a smile to her face every time she goes out for a walk through its streets, exploding with different flavors, colors, joy and chaos.

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