Call for influencers, bloggers and content creators

Leave Your Mark For Peace: Blog it

Are you a blogger, content creator, or a digital storyteller? Register and participate in the next Summit.

Do not miss the opportunity to express your creativity by writing blog posts and news articles on Mark For Peace, our blog for the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Merida.  Become a content creator for one of the most important peace events in the world. 

You can be selected to become a contributor to the new World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates online blog dedicated to digital creators.

The Permanent Secretariat has created special events and a unique press kit of the Nobel Peace Summit entirely dedicated to digital storytellers and content creators on the web, nationally and internationally. 

Interact with Nobel Peace Laureates, celebrities, and leaders of international NGOs that are currently changing the world. Share your story with your community of fans and help us spread PEACE. 


– Send us your resume/CV

– Send us a writing sample:

  • Write a test article on a subject related to world peace or peace education, global environment, peace leaders, inspiring persons, or global youth, with a text between 350 and 500 words in pdf format. 
  • Include a title with a minimum 50 and maximum of 73 characters (spaces included).
  • The subtitle minimum 106 and maximum of 141 characters (spaces included)
  • Identify a keyword, repeat it at least four times within the article, and insert it both in the title and in the subtitle




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