Ekaterina Zagladina: Closing Speech at the 17th world Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates


Mérida, Mexico, September 21, 2019

Dear Laureates; Peace friends,

We are reaching the end of a simply wonderful summit, which leaves our hearts full of affection and gratitude.

Affection and gratitude towards the state of Yucatán, which proved to be an incomparable host, for its warmth, its organization and its ability to make us feel at home.

Affection and gratitude towards the people of the Permanent Secretariat of the Summit and the dear volunteers who made this event possible with their dedicated work and enthusiasm.

Affection and gratitude towards our admired laureates, who have shared, with enormous generosity, their time and wisdom with the youth of Mexico and the world.

Affection and gratitude towards the thousands and thousands of people attending the Summit, because it is for you – especially for young people – that we make this event of motivation and inspiration.

And I want to highlight the word “inspiration” because this is one of the words we heard most in the development of forums and workshops.

The Nobel Peace Prize laureates who gathered in Mérida have inspired us.

In this Mérida Summit we have debated, discussed and learned, but above all, we have received inspiration, that is, life.

The debates, the exchange of ideas, the declarations, are important. They are positive products of the mind.

But there is something even more important that I would like to highlight.

The summit we made in Yucatan – in this magical land of the Maya – is a puff of oxygen, of vital breath.

This meeting – where we talk about peace, care for the environment, education, and love – is a source of energy that helps raise the vibrations of humanity and the planet.

This is the essential mission of this summit: to increase the level of consciousness of each and every one on this earth, of each and every one of us who share this sidereal journey.

From here we must leave a little more awake, a little more enlightened, a little more aware of what really matters in this life.

The world we have is the product of our thoughts, which become words, intentions and finally actions.

If we have thoughts of fear, the result will be fear and violence.

If we have thoughts of love, the result will be peace and harmony.

That is why we have to take care of what we think, what we say and what we do. Because on this depends the survival of our species and the planet.

Mother Earth is sick because we throw away our mental garbage and our physical garbage.

Mother Earth is charged with negative energies because many continue to believe in the power of weapons and intimidation.

Today we know that there is a solution that we can build together: let’s purify our thoughts and actions, let’s evolve from inside, and we will see the effects here and throughout the universe.

The first contamination we must fight is the contamination of fear, the contamination of hate, the contamination of exclusion and separation.

Because before contamination we had love, we had empathy and kindness. That is our essence.

The time has come for us to embark on the path of return to our true being, to our pure and peaceful soul.

To that I invite you today, from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you, thank you very much everyone, for being part of the great family of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates!

Thank you, thank you very much everyone, for contributing your energy to avoid the suicide of humanity!

We’re still on time. We have learned that from those who had the courage to turn fear into love, resentment into forgiveness, war into peace.

We will never forget Merida. We will never forget Yucatan.

From here we leave with nostalgia but with the certainty of having a mission that is the most noble of all:

We are going to leave our mark for peace and we are going to save our world!

It is not a utopia. It is not a fantasy of imagination.

It is possible, it is very possible!, if we join our strengths and if we are willing to transform our thoughts.

Thank you!

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