KREA VITAE FOUNDATION: our newest partner

The Permanent Secretariat of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates is thrilled to announce its newest partner: KREA VITAE Foundation. The foundation was created in 2021 and is based in Warsaw and aims at supporting philanthropic and educational projects.

KREA VITAE Foundation activity is based on the direct care of children and youth, supporting their physical and mental development, stimulating their interests and helping them to enter adulthood. Based on dialogue and mutual respect, the foundation contibutes to build a better world for future generations to live in peace and prosperity. They directly  help children and youth through various scholarship programs and financing education tailored to the child’s preferences and predispositions, preparing them for entering adulthood and future professional work. By organizing events, seminars and conferences aimed at raising awareness of the problems faced by the young generation, they want to support indirect actions leading to the improvement of living conditions and implementation of new solutions in the teaching process. 

You can read more about the foundation on their official website or on LinkedIn page.

The Permanent Secretariat of World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates and KREA VITAE Foundation will collaborate in carrying on initiatives to inspire peace and harmony in the World.

The KREA VITAE Foundation partnered with the Permanent Secretariat in the creation and organization of the panel “PRESS FREEDOM: Case studies from around the World” that was held on May 4th on zoom in the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day Global Conference by UNESCO. During the panel, three teams of young students from Mexico, South Africa and India presented their surveys on freedom of the press situation in their respective Countries.

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