Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire appeals to UK Government ‘Don’t Bomb Syria’




‘I am deeply shocked by  Michael Fallon, UK Defence Secretary’s,  speech in the British Parliament

on 2nd July, 2015, when he spoke of the bombing of Syria, in response to the atrocious bombing by ISIS in Tunisia, in which  38 people, many British holidaymakers, were killed.   Mr. Fallon omitted to tell us why he though the bombing of Syria, allegedly to kill ISIS militants, would help the families of those who had loved lost ones in the Tunisian terror attack, or for that matter the people of Tunisia to recover and deal with the problems of violence and extremism in their country.   Many people have rightly responded to Fallons speech saying that such bombing will mean civilians will get killed, it will add to more ISIS recruits, and result in refugees fleeing Syria, the  Middle East and North Africa, and heading to Europe seeking safety in UK and elsewhere.   Many agree that bombing is the problem, not the solution.

The US is already bombing Syria as well as Iraq, and support for ISIS has grown in the past two years largely as a result of the growth of terrorism in neighbouring Libya.   In 20ll Britain and France bombed Libya, killing many thousands of people including the Libyan leader.   This has led to a state of civil war, terrorism and misery for its people, with thousands fleeing in search of safety and security in other countries.   ISIS (a child of US/UK/NATO wars) is spreading across the Middle East and African countries, and as surely as violence begets violence, and every violent act has its violent consequences, the world has become a highly dangerous place.

The only way in which this deadly virus of fear and violence, can be stopped is for the USA/UK and others,  to stop the drones, stop the war and arms race, stop arming rebels and states which are abusing human rights, civil liberties, and international law.

It may well be too late to stop a War against Syrian and her people if left until the British Parliament resume in the autumn and Michael Fallons proposes bombing Syria, so I believe it is urgent now for people everywhere  to refuse to remain SILENT in the face of State terrorism and mobilize against more war and the bombing of Syria.

The people of Syria, have a right to Peace and a political solution to their problems, and the  best way for the International community  to help is to stand in solidarity with those inside Syria  who are trying with all inclusive, unconditional dialogue  to build peace and reconciliation.   The politics of reconciliation and love, not hate and revenge is the only hope for humanity and this applies equally to Governments as well as individuals.  Having visited Syria in the last two years and asking the Syrian people what they want, they have answered, ‘no foreign fighters, no outside intervention, end the sanctions, and let us solve our own problems.’  I believe we should listen to the voice of the Syrian people.


Nobel peace Laureate.   6th July, 2015

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