The Nobel Peace Prize: „A Gesture of solidarity” Exhibition

On the occasion of awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Lech Walesa on December 10, 1983, the Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee pointed out in his ceremony speech that “in the spirit of Alfred Nobel’s legacy . . . the Peace Prize should be a gesture of solidarity with those who, in the service of peace, campaign for humanity’s highest ideals.” This exhibition is a humble tribute to some of those campaigners who dared to reach for those highest ideals. Due to space limitations, the exhibition could not do justice to all 124 Nobel Peace Prize laureates who have been awarded the Prize since 1901. Thus, out of necessity, it represents only a selective review of the Nobel Peace Prize laureates who have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize since 1947. The exhibition is divided into three parts, the first two of which represent two major fields in which the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded: Human Rights and Negotiations. The third and last part: People and Organizations represents the Nobel Peace Prize laureates in the fields of humanitarian work, arms control and disarmament, peace movement, world organizing, and conflict resolution.

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