Positive Peace Workshop in Hiroshima

Positive Peace Workshop in Hiroshima

Today will take place the Positive Peace workshop led by the esteemed Patricia Garcia AO, a distinguished member of the Academic Council of the Permanent Secretariat of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates and a renowned humanitarian. The workshop will bring together 30 international graduate students from both Hiroshima University and Columbia University in New York, making it a truly global and impactful event.
The workshop will focus on the impact of Positive Peace Framework, that can be applied as a practical and concrete tool to propose and implement projects and interventions that can build peace in communities.

In this context she will also give to the students a background of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates and PerSec, highlighting the programs and projects that involve youth into peacemaking thought and acts. Inside the WSNPL, the Academic Council has the task of organizing educational events linked to youth, interacting with academia and other NGOs, and promoting the Official Summit, alongside the Youth Program “Leading by Example.”

The overarching goal of these initiatives is to form a unique educational ecosystem on peacekeeping topics. It is remarkable to witness such dedicated efforts in fostering peace and inspiring the next generation of leaders to be agents of positive change. By providing educational programs proposed by the members of the Council and Permanent Secretariat, we are actively trying to pave the way for a more peaceful and harmonious world.

To discover more about the Academic Council: https://www.nobelpeacesummit.com/youth-program/academic-council/ 

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