“Leading by Example” Youth Program of the 18th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates welcomes over 200 students from 47 countries and 79 PeaceLab projects

The number of youth delegates participating in the Leading by Example program of the 18th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates is expected to be over 200 students from top universities throughout the globe including Korea, USA, South Africa, Mexico, Peru, India, Spain, Australia, Greece to mention a few. Since its launch in 2012 the number of participants of the program has reached overall more than 7,000 students from the whole globe.

This program will be opened at the 18th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Pyeongchang, between 11-14 of December 2022

The Youth Program of the 18th Summit titled “Stronger together” will continue exploring the concept of PeaceLabs released at the past Summit in Merida, Mexico in 2019. Offered each day of the Summit, the various PeaceLabs are tailored to produce projects and methodical action plans related to global peace that will be possible to implement at the local community level by participating youth delegates. In addition to the PeaceLabs, in traditional fashion, the program will also include a diverse array of workshops led by the Nobel Peace Laureates and Prize awarded organizations as well as those conducted by other recognized leaders and peace activists. One of the first workshops “Tool for Peace” will be given by YouTube team on the first day of the program to empower Youth with new video manuals and recommendations.

Almost 80 PeaceLabs projects are participating in the program this year while two Peace Laboratories will be working during the days of the Summit in hybrid format. The Youth will have the opportunity to present their projects on the following topics: peacemaking, sustainability, peace & technologies, smart cities, ecology, etc. At the end of the program Nobel Peace Laureates will select 2 best projects (one international and one local one) to be awarded at the Closing Ceremony of the Summit.

Since 2012 the Leading by Example program of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates has attracted brilliant students and young professionals from top universities and organizations from all throughout the world. Among participants of the program this year are will be professors and students from the following universities and other notable institutions and organizations Quinnipiac University, Universidad César Vallejo, The Justice Desk, PeaceJam Foundation, Friendly Wolf, Find Foundation, Gandhi King Foundation, World without Wars and Violence, YouTube, Youth For Human Rights, POP Movement, Jornada de Derechos Humanos A.C, Institute for Economics & Peace.

Gangwon Governor KIM Jin-tae said, “I expect that youth participants – our future generations- will choose peace over conflicts, empathy over hatred, and openness over closure, playing a leading role in shaping the peaceful future for humanity.”

Director of the Youth Program, Leading by Example, Viktoria Devdariani states: “We are delighted to keep working on our new direction of the program – PeaceLab concept with the support of partners and participants. Almost 80 applications for projects we have received this year shows us that global youth is searching for new ideas for peace dialogue in the world and we hope for more such projects to be implemented in the coming years.”

The Leading by Example program provides youth delegates the unique opportunity to interact with Nobel Peace Laureates, experts, and academicians through a carefully curated curriculum in which they will attend a series of workshops following the morning’s plenary sessions. In addition to the workshops, youth delegates often cite the opportunity to network with other young leaders from every corner of the world as being one of the most important features of the program. While there, youth delegates have the opportunity to network and collaborate with one another which leads to friendships in peacebuilding for many years following the event.  

President of the Permanent Secretariat of the Summit, Ekaterina Zagladina notes: “We strongly believe that Youth program of the Summit can be a significant contribution to the global peace helping to educate, raise and highlight new peacebuilders and giving opportunities for young people to use their emerging talents for peace and sustainable development”.

The Permanent Secretariat’s Youth Team works diligently with colleges and universities all throughout the world on a curriculum in which history is told from the lens of peace. This work includes the implementation of a special curriculum created by The Permanent Secretariat’s Members and approved by Nobel Peace Laureates, as well as through the impressive book which tells the courageous lives of Nobel Laureates, Being Nobel, authored by Permanent Secretariat member, Livia Malcangio. This fascinating and informative book recounts the gripping stories of recent Nobel Peace Laureates and other extraordinary personalities, all committed to a future in which equality and freedom from oppression are the rule, rather than the exception. 

The opening ceremony of the Youth Program will start at 10.30 am on the 11th of December at Alpensia Convention Center, Pyeongchang.

To attend the event as a participant or a journalist please fill out the registration form at https://register.nobelpeacesummitgangwondo.com/reg.html.


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