The World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates and the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota congratulate President Juan Manuel Santos Calderon for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016

The Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá (CCB), representing 650,000 businesses and merchants of Bogota and the Region congratulated the President of the Republic, Juan Manuel Santos Calderon, for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016, a recognition for his conviction to seek an end to the armed conflict through negotiations and efforts to build peace in Colombia.

The president of the CCB, Monica de Greiff, said: “This is a recognition of the world for the country, headed by President Santos, to the victims and a call to Colombians to move forward the peace agreement with commitment and generosity”.

The World Summit of the Nobel Peace Laureates, to be held in Bogotá between 2 and 5 February 2017, will be a unique space for reflection, dialogue and encounter where the Laureates will share their experiences and provide tools and visions for Colombia’s further progress on ending the armed conflict and turn the country into a land of peace and a global example.

“This Nobel Peace Prize to President Juan Manuel Santos and the realization of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in our country, are two unprecedented events, we should inspire all Colombians to unite and reach agreements as soon as possible” said the president of the CCB.

Mónica de Greiff, also noted that “from the CCB we will continue to provide tools in building peace, reconciliation, healthy living and alternative methods of dispute resolution as a contribution to society and the business community since we are convinced that it is the best strategy to generate wealth and prosperity.”

Ekaterina Zagladina, the President of the Permanent Secretariat of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, “Colombia represents a great inspiration to the world. The country has the need to believe in their own future, a future of peace after 50 years of civil war. The prize for President Santos highlights the importance of negotiation, discussion and peace treaties as an example to the international community.”

President Santos is the first Colombian to receive the Nobel Peace Prize and the sixth Latin American to win the award. The award ceremony will be held on December 10 in Oslo, Norway.

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