He has a Bachelor in Tourism.
After he graduated in 1994 he worked for an Italian tour operator for 7 years being a tour guide in the Mayan area.
In 2011 he became a College professor teaching English for different professional fields, then he was asked to teach Tourism and Gastronomy students.
In 2014 he was hired by the Universidad Anahuac Mayab by the School of Tourism and Gastronomy becoming a researcher two years later.
He has a Master degree in Tourism Management, Climate Change and History, then he took diplomas in Anthropology and Research of Traditional Mexican Food.

Professional goals.

When I started studying Sustainability and then History and Traditional Food, I realized the act of cooking and sharing traditional food is also an act of Peace and Love- sharing.
I realized traditional efforts and speeches in order to make people aware of the necessity of exercising collective action might be futile if they are not presented as something native cultures worldwide have always done.
My goal is researching traditional customs of sharing food and rallying for them as a way for kindly showing young people we can consume and socialize differently.
I am currently working on a project (along colleagues of the Schools of Law and Nutrition)in which we are researching the human rights and food security for semi rural communities surrounding Merida.

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